Since it will appear more attractive, many of the homeowners will prefer to plant trees around their yards or property, for many believed that will definitely add a more homey ambiance. However, in time the homeowners have to remove those trees. For some reasons, these trees have to be removed like it has grown so tall, it's already dead or may be rotting,  or worst it can create some damage or accidents nearby and even in your own premise. Another possible reason is when you will transfer to a new home or place, then you wanted to bring and transplant those trees in your new lawn.


Whatever your intention or reason, the entire removal process is never easy. It is really seldom to remove a full- grown tree.


The know- how as well as the right equipment used by Tree Removal Southfield MI are a must in making the process of tree removal. Removing the tree but not killing it is a more complicated task, this will apply if you wish to transfer the tree to your new home.


According to the Tree Trimming Southfield MI experts in tree removal, that during  the transplantation, it is a must to prepare the soil around the tree ahead of time, right before it it will be dug out. A few feet  from the trunk, the soil should be drenched, in such way the root ball will be damp, the unnecessary stress of the plant will be avoided, the it will give way to a more easy removal. Then, carefully dig into the soil all around the tree, see to it you  will not hit its roots with in the three-ft . Space, near to its trunk.


Then for the next step, under the root ball the burlap material should be placed, then it will be pulled out of the hole, of course with care as it is placed down near the table. The fronds will be cut off from the crown, with the used of the pruning shears. Half of the crown's leaves should be taken out, through this the transpiration of water will be prevented during the process of transplanting. Secure the remaining burlap as well as the fronds, with the assurance that they are not wound too tightly. Before transplanting, the root ball should be watered to moisten.



It is more difficult or time consuming when the concern is removing the rotten or dead trees.  Since such entire process involves two stages. During stage one, the tree has to be cut in an efficient and safe way. Then, for the second stage, the stamp must be completely taken out.